Kitui South: We want to create an Empowered Community, Says Cyrus Musyoka (Sonko)

By: Wambua, Kitui Local News

On Sunday 3rd September2018, Cyrus Musyoka alias Sonko Witu donated 22 pairs of uniforms and 2 football balls to Malili FC and Congo FC. Cyrus Musyoka is a focused youth leader whose agenda and dreams for Kitui South Constituency never dies, but always determined to making an empowered community.

Speaking with youths on the same day, he urged youths to engage in healthy and productive activities and not on drugs. Sonko also asked all youths to emulate their parents who have always had harmony in the issues concerning community building activities.
Cyrus wrapped up by passing on his agenda, which is to transform Kitui South by empowering youths and women through his imminent leadership.

Team Captains, coach, and a number of parents presents articulated their gratitude to Sonko’s for his generosity and pledged their support in making Kitui South better.


3 thoughts on “Kitui South: We want to create an Empowered Community, Says Cyrus Musyoka (Sonko)

  1. The way to empower youth is to have one of their own engage them. Sports is a good empowerment to avoid our youth, and especially the boy child, engaging in vices.
    Kudos Hon. Cyrus.


  2. Keep it up


  3. Keep it up.


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